Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pre-order the balloons ?

Walk-ins are always welcom! However if you have larger order, we will need time to either order what you require and time to inflate them and get your order ready. Therfore, for your convenience, it is best to pre-order on larger balloons order.

How long the Balloons last ?

Balloon Shop takes great care in offering top quality balloons and balloon service. We use specail gel called ultra high float at no extra cost to make your balloons last longer. Latex balloons with helium and high float can be last up to 3 to 5 days. Foil balloons with helium can last up to 2 weeks if kept in cool dry place.

Are the balloons ordered online inflated ?

All balloons ordered through our online shop comes inflated.

How can I take the balloons home if I pick up ?

We offer specail balloon bags for easy carrying. They fit up to - 20 to 25 latex balloons.The bags keeps the multipal balloons bouquet untangeled and easy to store for your event. The bag is also specially designed for keep the balloons high flaoted. Please store the filled balloons bags at room teprature. Please add the trnsprotaition bag in your cart with your order and we will have the balloons all ready in the bag for you when you come in.

Can I inflate balloons I I bring in from another shop?

Of course ! Depending on the type and size, the price for helium will vary. We are not responsible for balloons that pop while we inflate them, because we can not guarantee the quality of the balloons purchased outside of Balloon Shop. However we use the highfloat and helium for your latex balloons, the floating time may vary depend on the quality of the balloons. We will however do our best to make them look great and last long!


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